The Complete Drobo Mini Review! Tests, Specifications, Photos + more!

Drobo Mini with 1TB Drive

Everything NOBODY else will tell you about the Drobo Mini. From the guy who gave Drobo the idea to build it!

REVIEW: The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray / DVD Combo

Batman Bane Catwoman

I’m a big fan of superhero movies in general, and have really enjoyed the Batman series, especially the last Dark Knight movie. And I’m not alone because on IMDB the Dark Knight has a 9/10 rating! To put that in perspective, that makes it the 7th highest rated movie of all time! So, talk about […]

GeekBeat LIVE #14

GeekBeat LIVE Episode 14 with Cali Lewis

If you’re not joining John P. and Cali Lewis every Friday at 3PM CST for GeekBeat LIVE, what are you waiting for?

McIntosh MXA60 Review – Or Why You Might Want a $7,500 Audio System


Most of you know by now that I tend to appreciate some of the finer things in life. I have a habit of picking up exotic cars, I have no problem with a $3,000 set of kitchen knives, and I like to fly first classon occasion. So, I was a little excited when McIntosh Labs […]

Video Review: Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle

The Brammo Electric Bike

You guys know I’m a motor freak, right? I mean, I pretty much love anything that burns gasoline or electricity in order to propel us down the road. Which is why after keeping an eye on the folks at Brammo for some time I finally decided I could wait no longer and I needed to […]

Review: How I Quit Smoking with Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Green Smoke Electric Cigarette

As I’m writing this post, I’m celebrating the 2nd month of my new healthy lifestyle. I had been a smoker for about 8 years, and I smoked an average of 20 cigarettes per day. The longest I was able to quit smoking was less than 48 hours, which means I was never able to not […] Is Threatening to Sue Me Over a Blog Comment. Really???

Hubber's Comment

It never ceases to amaze me what bad decisions some corporate executives can make. But here comes a brand new one… Three years ago I gave a try for some cards or something. Who cares what it was… I had a bad experience. I wrote about it on my blog. End of story. Except […]

Review: Griffin PowerJolt Reserve iPhone Charger and Battery

Griffin PowerJolt Reserve

I’m not sure what other people think about the Griffin 9785-PJLTRSV PowerJolt Reserve for iPhone & iPod, but I for one love it. This is a little cigarette lighter adapter for your car which allows you to plug in your standard iPhone USB charging cord to power-up your phone while on the road. But it […]

Review: Benro Travel Angel Tripod – The 13.1″ Wonder!

Manfrotto 486RC2 Compact Ball Head with RC2 Rapid Connect System

I purchased the BENRO TRAB069 Travel Angel TRAB a couple of months ago, and all in all I highly recommend the little tripod. This Travel Angel tripod features individual leg angle adjustments, anti-rotation leg design, a reversible center column with spring loaded weight hook, anti dust and moisture rubber leg lock grips, and reversible 1/4″-20 […]

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