5 Weird Exhibitions Around the World


Festivals, conferences and exhibitions are excellent ways to bring together like-minded individuals in the pursuit of any one common goal but, while the topics of business endeavors usually top the list of events around the world, the weird, wacky and downright fun are no less available. If you need a break from the rigors of […]

YES! Russian Tank Treads for Your Minivan (or Car… Whatever)!

Tank Treads For Your Car

Why don’t American’s come up with unbelievably cool crap like this? I mean you know all those record snow storms we were whining about? They wouldn’t matter if your car had its own set of tank tread snowshoes! Essentially you just drive your Volkswagen bug, or Ford F150 up onto these tank treads and then […]

To The Struggle Against World Terrorism – A Gift From Russia to the USA


As nations, the USA and Russia have often found themselves on different sides of various socio-political philosophies. And at times, an uneasy peace seems to exist between the two greatest nuclear powers the world has ever known. But despite all obstacles, the people of Russia reached out to Americans with a gesture of hope and […]

Russian Bombers in British Airspace

Can someone please tell me why the Russians are taunting the British by flying bomber/reconnaissance planes to the border of British airspace? With relations between Russia and Britain deteriorating, the number of incidents in which Russia’s submarines have been found close to British shores or in contact with Royal Navy warships has also risen, reports […]

Most Incredible Hockey Fight Ever

The video clip below is from a 1987 match in Czechoslovakia between Canada and Russia. It started off just like any other hockey fight, but soon escallated into a situation where all of the players on the ice were going at it. As if that weren’t bad enough, both benches cleared and eventually every player […]

49 Incredible 3D Motion Photo Panoramas

Wow, Panoramas.dk is one of the greatest sites I’ve ever come across. It features a number of three dimensional panoramas which allow you to virtually look around a given space. This is a technology that can only flourish on the Web since you cannot move around inside a static photograph. There are virtual reality panoramas […]

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