Tutorial: How-to Recover Windows Login Passwords

Hacking Windows Passwords

Windows security is sad. Although most of you have probably already read my article about using strong passwords, even the strongest passwords won’t keep your Windows login account from being penetrated. In fact, it takes only a couple of minutes to gain complete access to a Windows system using nothing more than a free CD […]

Remote Control Computers Via the Internet with CrossLoop


I’ve previously written about how to access your PC from anywhere for free, and my favorite tool for this purpose is LogMeIn.com. The only problem with LogMeIn is, you need to have previously installed, and have running, the LogMeIn application in order to access the machine remotely. But what if your buddy / relative / […]

TSA = Thousands Standing Around

TSA Scanning Shoes

Uugh. The Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) has really fulfilled their goal of making life for a billion travelers a year completely miserable. You know what TSA stands for? Thousands Standing Around Take Scissors Away Truly Stupid Activities

John P on Connecticut Public Radio

Real Life Survival Guide

Bruce Barber, from the Real Life Survival Guide, recently interviewed me via phone for a segment on Password Security. That segment will go live today on Connecticut Public Radio, so I’d like to welcome any visitors stopping by as a result. For the rest of us that don’t happen to live in Connecticut, here is […]

So You Think Your Cell Phone is Safe?


There is nothing like instilling a little fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) to help sell a product… or a consulting service! Some young guys in L.A. garnered some serious attention when they told ABC News that they could hack cell phones of the rich and famous. And this short video is the result of that […]

The Threat of Free Public WiFi

Free Public WiFi Threat

Folks, I was at the airport and I popped open my laptop to hop on the net and upon doing so I encountered a seriously sneaky bastard. Do you see anything wrong with the image below? Well, hopefully you notice the little icon of a laptop beside the network entitled “Free Public WiFi”. This is […]

Lock Bumping Threatens Your Home Security

Folks, as you know by now whenever I come across security threats I like to share them. And this one is actually pretty pressing. With a specially modified blank key and a small hammer – or even stick, 90% of home locks can be picked in a matter of seconds. The technique is called Lock […]

One Man’s Weekly Links – October 5, 2007

Here are this week’s links… otherwise known as things that I would have blogged about, if I had time to do so… Beleaguered bear in bridge rescue (in Pictures) UK can now demand data decryption on penalty of jail time Burmese monks ‘to be sent away’ 20 Most Amazing Coincidences 10 Reasons To Eat More […]

How To Cheat A Coin Operated Washing Machine

I wouldn’t actually do this, but for some reason I’m just fascinated with these unbelievably simple methods of circumventing the system. Just like the How to Pick a Padlock, this method of using a coin operated washing machine for free is so simple it makes you wonder how they would ever collect any money in […]

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