Who is Reading OneMansBlog.com Anyway? CrowdScience Will Tell Ya!


I guess it was about a month ago when I signed up for CrowdScience.com‘s service to see what they could tell me about the visitors to my little old blog here. And some of you may have been prompted during the last few weeks with a little popup asking you to take a survey. For […]

More OMB Changes

Folks, a few more changes for the old blog here today: Removed the MyBlogLog widget. Sorry, but I got sick of it slowing down the page loading time. Plus I just don’t use it any more, so it was time to go. Added new Facebook integration! Now you can log into OMB with your Facebook […]

Changes to OneMansBlog – FEEDBACK NEEDED!

Howdy folks. I’ve made two fairly significant changes to the old blog here today, and I’m hoping to get a little feedback from you regulars as to how these are turning out. I updated my “Related Posts” plugin to use Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. Though it was a more complex install than the old […]

200,000 Spams and Counting…

200,000 Spams

Well, looks like it only took about 3.5 weeks to bump the number of Spam responses up over 200,000. So, I hit the 100,000 mark on May 7, the 175,000 mark on August 7, and the 200,000 mark on September 2. It looks like I’m averaging about 25,000 Spam comments per month, or over 800 […]

Spam Problem Growing – 176,000+ Caught So Far

175,000 Spams Caught

Well, it was exactly three months ago that I shared the fact that this blog had reached the 100,000 spam mark according to the spam fighting plugin Akismet. But it looks like in the last 24 hours the count has crept up above the 175,000 mark. 76,000 spam comments in 90 days is just a […]

Should I Allow Comments on This Blog?


Ok. Here is a question that is going to rile some people up. So, there is a site that wrote an article titled “The Best Places to Get Quality Backlinks” that lists sites for people to leave comments on for the sole purpose of increasing their Google PageRank since they get to leave a link […]

Google Sucks Again!!!

Damn! Someone over at Google has seriously got it out for me! Why is it that just 30 days ago I reported that I was number 2 for a search for “John P.” and number 12 for the word “John“, but just today I was amusing a friend and noticed that if you search for […]

John P is Number 2 on Google!


Folks, this amuses me. By the way, make note of the date. It is NOT April Fools day… Yesterday when I was on Cali’s show I randomly mentioned that I wished I was like Matt Mullenweg because if you search for Matt he comes up as the first result in Google. The last time I […]

OMB Tops 100,000 Spam Threshold

100,000 Spams

You know, I think of myself as a pretty prolific blogger. With over 1,100 posts in under two years, it’s hard to find others who can match my output. So would it surprise you to learn that even with multiple anti-spam measures in place, there are 100 Spams posted to OMB for every post I […]

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