Who is Reading OneMansBlog.com Anyway? CrowdScience Will Tell Ya!


I guess it was about a month ago when I signed up for CrowdScience.com‘s service to see what they could tell me about the visitors to my little old blog here. And some of you may have been prompted during the last few weeks with a little popup asking you to take a survey. For […]

My Woopra is Bigger Than Yours

I’m launching the first ever (un)official Woopra Live users contest. If you’ve got Woopra, and you click on the Live tab up on the top right, you can see the number of current users on your site at any give time. I’m kicking it off with the current record. So, lets see who can beat […]

Woopra Invites on eBay

Capitalism is alive and kicking. I was wondering how long it would take before someone actually began selling the invite codes on eBay. Now we know! edalechick is now offering some presumably real invite codes that I handed out at some point in the past on this eBay auction. Frankly, I can’t wait to see […]

Johny’s Woopra Video and Invite Competition


Folks, our friend Johny has uploaded a Woopra overview video which is so comprehensive it even taught me a couple of things about how the application works! If you’re using Woopra currently, I recommend that you spend 10 minutes with the video and pick up at least a few new tricks. If not, you can […]

Check Your Site’s Digg Saturation Level

Blogstorm had a fun little post a couple of days ago which inspired me to whip up this little search tool. I came across the article on Weblog Tools Collection which had the following to say: Digg saturation: Patrick from Blogstorm came up with a way to rank websites using a Digg saturation value that […]

Performancing P-Metrics Blog Statistics

Internet Growth Statistics

According to CNN, who is quoting Netcraft – the Neilson’s of the Internet world – the Web just topped the 100 million domain name marker. Additionally, Time Magazine says that Technorati is claiming that 100,000 new blogs are created each day with over 1.3 million posts added daily.

Google Gapminder


Google teams with Gapminder to deliver an interactive service which allows you to see all sorts of interactive Global statistics ranging from life expectancy to internet usage and more.

Web Statistics