Have You Ever AcciTweeted?


AcciTweeting is what happens when you meant to send an SMS to someone, but instead you send a public Tweet. Like for example, I follow my wife @Hollypoz on Twitter. I also get SMS notifications when she tweets. Sometimes I want to send a quick SMS to her, but the last thing from her in […]

John P. Lecture – Jan 30, 2010: Make More Money with WordPress, Social Media and Analytics


Well folks, in about two weeks, on January 30th at 4pm, I’ll be giving a complete lecture on basically everything I know about how to have a successful blog. I’m going to deal with the topics of revenue generation, social media integration, analytics and measurement, and God only knows what else! It’ll probably be like […]

Should Fat People Be Allowed to Fly?

Fat Guy on Airplane

Kieran Daly wrote an article called Passenger creates big debate at American – I mean big! a couple of weeks ago. The story originated as a result of the following photograph taken by a flight attendant aboard her flight while the plane was boarding. Now anyone who has to do a lot of traveling can […]

Dear FTC, You Can Kiss My Blogging Ass!

John P Celebrity Comparison

At least three people have asked me what I think about the new FTC guidelines dealing with Bloggers who accept freebies. For those of you who didn’t know it, the rules went into effect on December 1, 2009 in the US, so if you have a blog you better be aware of what we’re talking […]

A Philosophical Look at Marriage: Straight, Gay, Polygamy… Who Cares?

Guy With Horns

Here is a question: There is a couple that wants to get married. The guy is a satanic priest with body modifications including piercings all over his body, horns implanted under his skin on his shaved skull and tattoos from head to toe. Let’s also imagine he’s also a convicted rapist, wife abuser and pedophile. […]

Hey, How About NOT Being an A-Hole?

Gorilla with an Attitude

Have you ever been to the zoo? I was at the Dallas Zoo the other day, staring at the primates. Don’t worry, they were staring right back. Anyway, this big male gorilla, who had been sitting quietly with a couple of females laying around nearby, suddenly just got up and freaked out. Now, I should […]

The Geeks Shall Inherit the Airwaves – Why Economics Are Killing ‘Old Media’

Car Frames

For a long time now I’ve been hearing people predicting the death of traditional media (you know: television, radio, books and newspapers). “Old Media is dead! Long live New Media!” This is 50% crap, but it’s also 50% true. And since I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about this lately, let me see if […]

OXI Day: How the Greeks Helped End World War II

German Flag Raised on Acropolis

Today, October 28, marks the anniversary of one of the most important days in the history of the world, yet few people remember it’s significance. But the Greeks do, and they celebrate OXI day, every year. The day was October 28, 1940. At dawn that morning (4:00am), after a party in the German embassy in […]

John P. Updates for All!

Howdy gang! I’ve been a little slow in updating the blog lately. Sorry for my lack of entertaining everyone as usual. Hope to get back to the fun stuff soon. However, in the meantime here are some updates: Alex Terehoff, a Russian blogger, interviewed me recently, and posted the whole thing in both English and […]

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