Google Hangout with Trey Ratcliff and Cali Lewis

Google Plus with Trey and Cali

A couple of weekends ago Trey, Cali and I – plus a cast of thousands (well, or maybe a dozen) – got together at the Livid Lobster headquarters and we had a nice little chat about all sorts of stuff, including photography, travel, love, and mass murder. Well, maybe not all of those things, but […]

Discount Coupon for Trey Ratcliff’s HDR Video Tutorial

Trey Ratcliff's Horse HDR

Do you guys remember when I did the little video of uncrating that magnificent HDR Wall Art that my friend Trey Ratcliff created for me? Or maybe you saw when I posted his awesome video Japan: Heatbeats of Time? Or maybe you’ve just seen some of his awesome photography in general? He’s had over 44 […]

The Chinese Can Build 15-Story Hotel in Six days! Why Can’t We?

Beijing Airport

A construction crew in the south-central Chinese city of Changsha completed a 15-story hotel in just six days! Holy crap! When you take a look at the amazing pace, organization and precision of the work it makes you think that the US absolutely SUCKS at construction! And by the way, the Chinese aren’t putting up […]

Trey Ratcliff’s New Video – Japan: Heartbeats of Time

Monkey in Japan

Wow, I’ve got a special treat to share with you guys today. Trey Ratcliff just released a new video he made from his recent travels in Japan. As you probably know, he’s amazing at HDR photography and posts photos freely to his site Stuck In Customs, and also his HDR Flickr account. (Did you see the piece […]

My New Custom HDR Wall Art From Trey Ratcliff of

Central Park at Night

A few weeks ago I got a brand new piece of art from Trey Ratcliff, who specializes in hdr photography. And I’m not talking about a little 8″x10″ photo or anything… I’m talking about a 5 foot diagonal full color photograph specially printed on a high gloss aluminum surface. The photo is one Trey took […]

Mark Ramsey’s Top 10 List for Attending OpenCamp!

Mark Ramsey on OpenCamp

Mark Ramsey is so smoooth. So here is his Top 10 List of Reasons to Attend OpenCamp! By the way, you ARE coming to OpenCamp right? I mean… if you don’t show up you are instantly disallowed from ever asking me for blogging, Web authoring, or other general advice of this nature. :-) Seriously, you’ll […]

15 Amazing iPad Wallpapers from

iPad Desktop Wallpaper

Ok gang, for those of you who just got an iPad, you really need something nice to spice things up so you don’t have the same old iPad desktop wallpapers that everyone else has! Luckily Trey Ratcliff has come to the rescue!

What’s In Trey Ratcliff’s Camera Bag?

Cali Lewis and Trey Ratcliff's Camera Bag

You guys know Cali Lewis and Trey Ratcliff, right? Well, the other day we were having a little lunch and Cali decided to be nosey and ask Trey what the heck he keeps in that huge camera bag he carries all over the world! Luckily I was there with my trusty little Canon G11 camera […]

Stuck in Customs HDR Book Contest Day 3 – Architecture Photos

Vicky Venice Tower

Ahhh, day 3 of our 3-day photo contest! I’ll tell you what, you guys have kept me busy! First with the landscapes, then the vehicles, and now we’ve moved on to Architecture Day! As with before, as you scroll down you’ll find many of the photos submitted by users that I really enjoyed today. And […]

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