Stuck in Customs HDR Book Contest Day 2 – Vehicle Photos


Ahhh! Day 2 of the Stuck in Customs A World in HDR book giveaway contest, made possible by PeachPit of course! Of course, today is my favorite because the theme of the day is vehicles! And I do love vehicles! So, this first one we’ve got here is a photo I took this weekend in […]

Stuck in Customs HDR Book Contest Day 1 – Landscape Photos

Jonas Christensen Battery

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m judging Trey’s photo contest in which PeachPit is giving away 3 copies of his soon to be released book A World in HDR. I’ve been watching the submissions (anyone can participate – you just Tweet links to photos!) today, and I’ve collected several of my favorites below. It’s was very […]

The Stuck In Customs HDR Photo Contest


I first wrote about the photography of Trey Ratcliff in February 2007 with my article The Best Photography on the Web – Part 1. At the time, I recognized Trey’s work as unique and original, but I had no idea that he was to become an icon of the High Dynamic Range movement. Just two […]

The Best Photography on the Web – Part 1

I love photography. But only really good photography. It is a skill that some people have elevated to an art, being a true admirer, I’ve decided to create a regular series of featured photographers with collections on the Web. BE WARNED! Photographers take pictures of places, things and people. Sometimes naked people. If you are […]

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