An Exclusive Video Tour of the DreamWorks Animation Studios


Cali Lewis and I had the rare opportunity to travel to Los Angeles for a Samsung sponsored event at the DreamWorks facility. We spent about half of the day getting updates on the state of the very impressive new Samsung television lineup, and we spent the other half getting a personal tour of the DreamWorks […]

Japanese Soccer Team Plays 100 Kids!

Japanese Soccer Team vs 100 Kids

Ok, here is something you don’t see every day! A professional Japanese soccer team took on 100 school kids in an exhibition match. Yes, at the same time! Not like 10 at a time for 10 games or something… Frankly, I’m surprised the ball could even move around on the field with over 110 people […]

The Professional Russian Demonstrates the Power of Various Handguns

357 Magnum

We’ve been looking at a lot of cute videos recently, but this one is NOT cute. It’s manly. In a very Russian sort of way. Everyone’s friend, the Professional Russian, demonstrates the power of several handguns ranging from a 9mm to a 357 Magnum by shooting one gallon jugs of water. Its easy to get […]

Cute Overdose of the Day: Cookie the Happy Little Penguin

Cookie the Penguin

Ok, this one is for the ladies. Every once in a while I find something overwhelmingly cute for you, and today is no exception. Cookie is a “Little Penguin” and the mascot of the Zoo Bird House at the Cincinnati Zoo. Apparently he REALLY likes to be tickled… Enjoy!

Abbott And Costello 13 X 7 is 28

Abbott and Costello - 13 x 7 = 28

I keep telling you people that you need to get some help with your math skills! I got into a whole argument with a professor at MIT this week about the mathematical proof that 13 x 7 = 28 and for some reason he couldn’t get it through his thick skull! So here with said […]

The World’s Greatest Drummer (…is in a Tribute Band)

World's Greatest Drummer

Holy crap! Norm Flores stopped me earlier and forced me to watch a YouTube video about the World’s Greatest Drummer. I was like… “Yeah, OK Norm. I’ll check it out later.” And he was like, “NO! You’ll check it out now!” So I checked it out. And now I’m telling you, YOU have to check […]

The Coolest Airplane Shadow I’ve Ever Seen

Airplane Shadow

A couple months ago I took an early morning flight from Dallas to Las Vegas, and everything lined up just right on this landing. I was sitting at the window and I noticed that our shadow was nicely tracking us and converging with the general direction we were going. (As expected obviously…) You will rarely […]

Tutorial: How To Do the Impossible “Nail-Through-the-Wood” Trick

Nail Through the Wood Puzzle

Sometimes if you are at a craft fair you can find these impossible little puzzles, and people wonder not only how in the heck to solve them, but how in the heck they were made! Well, here is the secret behind how the old “nail stuck impossibly in the wood” trick is pulled off. Its […]

An Acrobat in the Air – Amazing Indoor Skydiving Video

Indoor Skydiving

If there is anything I’ve learned from watching my friends over at the US Army Golden Knights jumping out of planes, its that there is a tremendous amount of precision required to move around in the air at 150 miles per hour. One of the ways they practice this skill is by using an indoor […]

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