BumpTop Turns Windows into a 3D Environment


Well, I’m assuming that by now just about everyone who reads my blog also checks out GeekBrief.TV at least occasionally. Neal and Cali produce that show, and they just covered a very cool looking application for Windows called BumpTop. BumpTop is a desktop replacement application which allows you to have a 3D environment instead of […]

The Music of Microsoft Windows

This is an absolutely amazing piece of music which was created using only the sounds from Windows. It just doesn’t need any further introduction. Enjoy!

The Worst Microsoft Advertisement EVER (Hint: Windows 386)


Look, any time you’ve got a character in an advertisement named T-Bone it’s an indicator of things to come. But after the first 7 minutes of brutally bad acting and terrible story line the good news is that you are treated to a horrible rap song about Windows 386! Seriously. If you can sit through […]

Virtualization – VMs (Virtual Machines) are Really the Future

Virtual Ubuntu

Have you ever had a computer for a long time and then wanted or needed to move all your data to a new one? Or, have you ever had to reinstall Windows just because you’ve loaded so many programs that it’s caused your computer to crash so often that you’re willing to start over? Well, […]

The Threat of Free Public WiFi

Free Public WiFi Threat

Folks, I was at the airport and I popped open my laptop to hop on the net and upon doing so I encountered a seriously sneaky bastard. Do you see anything wrong with the image below? Well, hopefully you notice the little icon of a laptop beside the network entitled “Free Public WiFi”. This is […]

Sprint PPC-6700 – The Ultimate Phone


There aren’t that many phones that inspire such a loyal following that an entire discussion forum gets dedicated to them. But the PPC-6700 is one such phone. The PPC6700 Users Forum is overflowing with information on hacking, using and generally getting the most out of this all-in-one Phone / PDA. I’ve had a string of […]

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