OpenCamp: The Conference for ALL Webmasters!

OpenCamp Logo

Well folks, I’m extremely excited to finally unveil the new OpenCamp Conference that I, and a team of volunteers, have been secretly working on for months. (BTW, follow OpenCamp on Twitter and Facebook!) For those of you who were waiting on the announcement for WordCamp, well consider this it! We’re taking it to a whole […]

How To Create A Local WordPress Install | WordCamp Dallas 2009


Matthew “Spamboy” McGarity shows us how to preform a local installation of wordpress. This allows a user to have an installation of wordpress on a USB drive, portable hard drive or just their local machine. With this local install, a user now has a complete WordPress development environment separate from his or her live WordPress […]

Photos from the BlogWorld/WordCamp LV 2009 Photowalk

For those of you who didn’t get to join us on the BlogWorld 2009 Photowalk in Las Vegas, I’m embedding a photo slideshow here so that you can see all the pictures from the group that accompanied me on the walk. We had a great time, and thanks to all who joined in!

Chad Vader Hits on Cali Lewis in the Blog World Commercial


This is the greatest commercial that anyone has ever done for an event that I’ve seen. You’ve got Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogen, and Cali Lewis… oh, and Chad Vader. :-) Incidentally, I’ll be attending Blog World in Las Vegas as well, and I’ll be lecturing at the WordCamp Las Vegas event that will be happening […]

WordCamp Dallas 2009: Dave Curlee – How To Add Video To Your WordPress Site

Dave Curlee

Oh good lord. You guys are in for a treat that I will never live down. You get to see me in my full on Pimp outfit from the brief appearance at WordCamp Dallas 2009. I can’t believe that Dave left that in the video. Oh, who am I kidding. I can believe he left […]

WordCamp San Francisco 2009: Matt Cutts’ Lecture – Straight From Google, What You Need To Know

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutt’s previous lecture on whitehat SEO techniques for bloggers has been very popular since I posted it, so now I’m happy to present an updated video from WordCamp San Fran in which Matt brings us “Straight From Google, What You Need To Know”. In this lecture Matt addresses questions about Google PageRank, backlinks, SEO, […]

WordCamp Dallas 2009: Giovanni Gallucci – Top 10 Extreme Social Media Hacks

Giovanni Gallucci

Giovanni Gallucci gave a fantastic lecture at WordCamp Dallas 2009 on the Top 10 Extreme Social Media Hacks. It was an action packed 45 minutes with more suggestions coming at the attendees than most could take notes for. Luckily we’ve got the whole thing captured on video, so we can catch up on everything missed. […]

WordCamp Dallas 2009: Cali Lewis – Building A Vibrant Community

Cali Lewis

The second of our WordCamp Dallas videos to be released features Cali Lewis discussing her “Seven Rules For Building a Vibrant Community”. And if there is anyone who knows how to do that, its her! With millions of downloads each month, GeekBrief.TV has become one of the most trusted brands in tech news, both online […]

WordCamp San Francisco 2009: John Lilly – Lessons From Mozilla

John Lilly

Another of the videos from WordCamp San Francisco 2009, this is John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla, presenting on Open Source, lessons learned from Mozilla, and the role of community. Especially useful are his 7 insights, 2 problems and some thoughts for 2009. Is anyone starting to catch a theme here yet? Social Media… community… The […]

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